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Rebecca Furlong
Director of Technology

Contact Information:

Wooster City School District
144 N. Market St.
Wooster, OH 44691
Phone Number 
330-988-1111 ext. 3251

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Profile of Wooster City Schools Technology

The Wooster City School District is a Mac District! 

Students in each school building use both mobile lab laptop carts and iOS devices. Our certified teaching staff members are issued MacBook Pro laptops.

Google Apps for Education

Every student in grades 5-12 receives a Wooster City Schools Google Apps for Education account. Students are introduced to the many features of this service during their 5th & 6th grade technology circuit course.

BYOD - Bring Your Own Device
Students at both Wooster High School and Edgewood Middle School have been granted access to the school's wireless network on their personal devices. Additionally, students who are given teacher/principal approval are encouraged to use their devices during class time to support their learning.

District Policy supporting our BYOD initiative:

5136 Cellular Telephones and Electronic Communication Devices

5900 Student Acceptable Use Policy

7542 Network Access from Personally-Owned Computers and/or Other Web-enabled Devices

Wireless Networks
Cisco wireless networks are installed in all of our school buildings. The upgrade to a completely wireless campus has enabled students and staff the ability to fully utilize the mobility of laptops and other mobile devices without worry of dead zones, low network threshold or other connectivity issues.