Gault Recreation Center


    The GRC sells affordable Annual, Monthly, and Daily memberships. Memberships include access to the 6-lane Track, Lift Zone, and court use (subject to availability - check the GRC webpage Twitter feed).

    The indoor track is 200 meters and can be use for walking or running.

    The Lift Zone is newly equipped with Life Fitness Strength and Precor Cardio. It consists of 4 treadmills, 2 ellipticals, 3 recumbent bikes, 1 upright bike, and 2 Concept II Rowers. It also has free weights and a Smith Machine.

    The GRC Courts are designed with up to 4 basketball courts, 4 volleyball courts, 12 badminton courts, as well as 2 batting cages. Our courts can be rented for personal use, or for your team practice. Rental is subject to availabilty. To rent, please call the GRC office (330) 345-4700. Rentals must be made by an adult (responsible party) and must be present at the event.

Gault Member Spring Activity Challenge

CONGRATULATIONS to Karen for winning our Spring Activity Challenge! Thank you for participating!

Gault Members - Please join us in our Spring Activity Challenge April 20th - May 3

We miss you and we want you to keep moving!

  • Track your activity and the duration each day
  • The challenge will last 2 weeks and run from April 20th - May 3
  • The goal is 30 minutes of activity each day. 
  • Activities can include: walking, jogging, biking, gardening, push mowing, vacuuming, etc. 
  • All completed entries are due by Monday, May 4th
  • Email your entry to Heather at
  • This challenge is on the honor system. All entires will go into a drawing to win a long-sleeve GRC T-shirt.
Masks Requirements



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About Gault Recreation Center

The Gault Recreation Center is a 55,000 square foot facility built in 1994. It is attached to Wooster High School and ran by Wooster City Schools. The GRC sells affordable Annual, Monthly, and Daily memberships with access to a 6-lane track, 4 multi-sport courts, and the weight area called the "Lift Zone." 


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