Wooster City Schools to Deliver State Test Scores by June 30th

In accordance with Ohio law [Ohio Department of Education and Workforce], Wooster City Schools is committed to providing all parents and guardians with their child's state test scores by June 30th of each year. These scores are a valuable tool to understand your child's academic progress and identify areas where they may excel or require additional support. State test scores are only available for students who took the Ohio State Assessment in grades 3-12. 


The Ohio Department of Education will report spring 2024 test results in the Centralized Reporting System on the following dates:
Mathematics, Science and Social Studies: May 14, 2024
English Language Arts (online): May 20, 2024
Grade 3 English Language Arts (paper): June 14, 2024
All remaining paper results: June 24, 2024

Delivery Method:

We will deliver your child's scores through the following method:

  • Secure Portal: Access scores conveniently through Parent Access/ProgressBook


Parent Access: A Streamlined Approach

We highly recommend utilizing our Parent Access program for a secure and user-friendly experience. Parent Access allows you to:

  • View your child's state test scores in a clear and easy-to-understand format.
  • Track your child's progress over time.
  • Access additional resources to support your child's learning.


Don't have Parent Access yet?

If you haven't yet activated your Parent Access account, please contact your child's school for a Registration Code to get signed up!


How do I get to the test scores on Parent Access?

We recommend using the Progress Book link located on the district website, this link can also be found by clicking here.

  • Sign into ProgressBook using your already created credentials
  • Click on Assessment Scores
  • Choose the specific assessment score you would like to view.


Understanding Next Generation (Ohio State Assessment) Scores:

Linked below you will find guidance documentation for family score reports created by the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce.

Guidance Documentation for Family Score Reports

*Family Score reports will be distributed at the beginning of the 24-25 school year


For detailed instructions on how to get to ProgressBook Parent Access please review the following images:

Click on ProgressBook on the district website or by going to pa.tccsa.net


Sign into your account or sign up for an account with a registration code provided by your child's school.


3.  Once you are signed into ProgressBook Parent access click on Assessment Scores, You can change the Assessment Type you are viewing by clicking on the dropdown arrow.


The Assessment Type titled Next Generation Assessment is the Ohio State Test Score